What can we expect from Microsoft in 2006

Posted by bink on December 28 2005, 8:29 PM. Posted in Microsoft Corp.

This article is "pinned", for newer articles scroll down. Just like last year, I made a list of what releases we can expect from Microsoft in 2006. Last year's list turned out to be pretty accurate, the only things wrong weren't my mistakes but delays or change of plans.If you think someting is missing or wrong please let me know through a comment or sending an email to news at bink nu.This list is based on facts, assumptions and wild guesses. It will be updated by your feedback!

Windows Server System

Windows Server 2003 R2

RTM 6 december 2005, VOL and OEM available Q1 2006

Windows Storage Server 2003 R2

RTM Q1 2006. Available through OEM Q1 2006

Windows Server 2003 Compute Cluster Edition

Beta2 Q4 2005, RTM Q2 2006

Windows Server 2003 SP2

Beta? RTM Q4 2006

Exchange 2007 (12)

Beta 1 dec 14 2005, Beta 2 mid 2006, RTM Q1 2007

SQL 2005 SP1 /data mirroring feature

Q2 2006

ISA 2006

H2 2006

ISA 2004 SP2

Q1 2006

Speech Server 2004

SP1?MOM v3

Public Beta july 2006, RTM Nov 2006, TAP opens may 2006

SMS 2003 SP2

Q2 2006?WSUSsp1Application CenterApplication Center 2000 is the current Microsoft solution for scaling Web sites, Web services, and component-based applications. Microsoft realizes the importance of the value that Application Center provides, performing a specific set of tasks for the deployment and scale-out management of today's COM+ and Web applications built on Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003. As part of the overall System Center management roadmap, Microsoft is currently working on alternate plans for delivering Application Server Management functionality. Microsoft will stand behind both current and new customers of Application Center and will enable a smooth transition to the infrastructure provided through System Center.

More details on the roadmap and support will be provided by the end of February 2006

SMS v4Q4 2005 Preview, Q1 2006 Beta 1, Q4 2006 Beta 2, H1 2007 RC, H1 2007 RTMBiztalk 2006Beta 2 dec 2005, RTM Q2 2006Commerce Server 2006RTM Q1 2006Microsoft Client ProtectionThe corporate Anti Spyware, Beta Dec 2005, More details Q1 2006, Release 2007Longhorn ServerBeta1 Q3 2005, Beta 2 2006, RTM Q1 2007Identity Integration Services (MIIS)SP2 Q2 2006MIIS 4.0 Gemini (2007 or Longhorn + 3 months)• Codeless provisioning• Rich workflow• Centralised auditing and reporting• Computed attributes and relationship engine • Self-entitlement management • Self-service platform• Generic LDAP MA (OpenLDAP) Host Integration Server 2006?Corporate Error Reporting 3.0announced in 2004 for 2005 release, never seen or heard anyting in 2005 IIS 7Part of Longhorn ServerADS 2.0?Virtual ServerVS2005 R2 rtm nov 2005VS vNext 2006RTM 2006Windows Hypervisor (90 days after longhorn server)

System Center

System Center Essentials 2006

System Center Capacity Planner 2006

Q4 2005 Beta, Q1 RTM

System Center Reporting Manager 2006

Data Protection Manager 2007

RTM 2007, Deeper application support for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Sharepoint Services. Other Microsoft apps, Advanced data protection features, Bare Metal Recovery, Cluster Support and Deeper SAN integration.

Windows Client

Windows Vista

Beta 1 Q3 2005, Beta 2 Q1 2006, RTM H2 2006


Release March 2006, Part of Windows Vista Enterprise (SA only)Windows Defenderpart of Vista and release for XP in 2006Windows Desktop Search Enterprise

RTM’ed Nov 2005

Internet Explorer 7

Part of Vista, For winXP/2003 Beta 2 Q1 2006, Not part of Service Pack for XP or 2003!

Windows XP Service Pack 3

Summer 2006

Office System

Office Communicator Web Access

RTM Q1 2006

Office 2006 (12)

Beta 1 Q4 2005, Beta 2

Office System 12 Servers:

SharePoint v3 (12)

Excel Server 12

Project Server 12

Business Scorecard Manager 2005, ?

Content Management Server vNext

integrated in Sharepoint Server v3?

Live Communication Server 2006

H2 2006, Live meeting included!

Live Meeting 2006 (Online Service)

webcam support and 2-way VoIP

Groove?Visual FoxPro

FoxPro 9.0 sp1 RTM dec 2005, "Sedna" RTM H1 2007

Small and Medium Business line

Small business Server 2003 R2

Q1 2006Longhorn Small Business ServerBeta H2 200690 after LH Server release in 2007"Centrino" Medium Business ServerBeta H2 200690 after LH Server release in 2007Office Small Business Management Edition 2006?

SBS 2003 Service Pack 2Q4 2006Office Small Business Accounting 2006

Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager Update


Encarta 2007Summer 2006Money 2007Summer 2006Digital Image Suite 2007Summer 2006Streets & Trips 2007Summer 2006Autoroute 2007Fall 2006Windows Live Messenger 8Q1 2006Education

Student 2007Summer 2006Class Server?

Encarta 2007Summer 2006

Microsoft Dynamics (Business Solutions)

Dynamics CRM 3.0RTM 5 dec 2005

Dynamics AX 2006


Dynamics NAV 2006


Dynamics SL 2006

RTM Q4 2005

Dynamics GP 2006

RTM Dec 19 2005

in 2007 Dynamics will merge ERP products in to 1 product

Microsoft Retail Management System

Microsoft Small Business Financials

Microsoft Point of Sale

Mc Donalds Edition ;-)