Microsoft Exchange 12 Has Competitors, Execs Insist

Posted by spy on December 16 2005, 2:38 PM. Posted in Exchange.

Open-source and proprietary software companies have railed against comments Microsoft Corp. officials made earlier this week when releasing the first beta of Exchange 12, the upcoming e-mail, calendaring and messaging server, that it faced little competitive threat from open-source solutions. Jeff Ressler, the director of product planning for Microsoft Exchange, in Redmond, Wash., told eWEEK in an interview this week that Exchange was the market leader whose share was growing. "We still worry more about Lotus than about the open-source providers, a lot of whom don't have a unified strategy [for trying] to try and address the bigger players in the market. There are interesting things happening with some of them, but they don't come up often in our competitive engagements," he said. In fact, many of Exchange's open-source competitors are introducing Web interfaces that are trying to emulate the functionality Microsoft has already had in Outlook Web Access for a number of years, he said. Reaction from competitors in both the proprietary and open-source space was quick and dismissive of those claims. Continue At Source