Next major Windows Mobile version is codenamed PHOTON and it will merge smartphone and Pocket PC

Posted by bink on December 9 2005, 7:21 PM. Posted in Windows Mobile.

MSMobiles.comMicrosoft is set to merge Smartphone and Pocket PC in the next major release of Windows Mobile, creating a single Windows Mobile operating system for all types of devices. Development of the new operating system, codenamed 'Photon', is now underway To learn more click here. You can give there, in a discussion forum managed by a Microsoft MVP, suggestions as to what should be placed as new features in the Windows Mobile PHOTON (successor to Windows Mobile MAGNETO = Windows Mobile 5.0). Probable name of Windows Mobile PHOTON will be Windows Mobile 6.0 but Windows Mobile 5.0 or other name cannot be excluded yet. One is for sure: it will not be Windows Mobile 2006 - Microsoft has given up this numbering scheme for Windows Mobile for good. Please note: Windows Mobile PHOTON still is years away (or so claims Microsoft in order not to hinder sales of Windows Mobile 5.0 devices) and before PHOTON there will be Windows Mobile CROSSBOW released probably as Windows Mobile 5.0 Second Edition.