Microsoft holds weirdest press conference ever

Posted by bink on December 1 2005, 6:33 PM. Posted in Exchange.

...Microsoft is celebrating the death of Exchange Server 5.5, an eight year old product which the executives described as a "she".

The event, for British journalists, also involved Microsoft doling out arm bands obviously intended to be the sort of armbands that people wear when someone dies. One of the problems is that they weren't plain black armbands but instead were emblazoned with Microsoft Exchange Server in white. People who wore these armbands didn't look like they were at a wake - they looked like they were at some kind of mass rally.

You'd think that any self respecting member of Her Majesty's Press would eschew wearing such armbands but we are compelled to report that a large percentage of the hacks that were there were not only wearing these things but toasting the faux death of an old Microsoft product.

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