Microsoft Strikes Deal for Cable-Ready Media Center PCs

Posted by spy on November 19 2005, 3:39 AM. Posted in Windows XP Media Center.

New CableCard function in equipped PCs will allow you to dump your cable box next year. Microsoft today revealed a deal with a cable television consortium that will allow PC vendors to offer digital-cable-ready Windows Media Center PCs by next December. This move edged Microsoft a step closer to its vision of offering a complete home digital entertainment system through PCs running Windows XP Media Center Edition OS.   Microsoft has been working with Cable Television Laboratories (CableLabs), a nonprofit cable-research consortium, for two years. The technology partners have developed technology specifications for adding support for a CableCard module on Windows Media Center PCs, according to Justin Hutchinson, group product manager of the Windows client division at Microsoft. In addition, Microsoft and CableLabs have documented final approval of Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) as the PC CableCard module's content-protection technology. This will allow Media Center PCs to receive one-way digital cable content from digital cable providers without having to use a set-top box, Hutchinson said. "It's really a first step in a relationship we're going to build between Microsoft and the U.S. cable industry to deliver premium digital content and high-definition content via digital cable to Media Center PCs," Hutchinson said. Full Story At Source