Microsoft Exchange 12 Facts!

Posted by bink on November 17 2005, 9:56 PM. Posted in Exchange.

OK I had no time yet to write a decent article I have on Exchange 12 based on sessions and interviews from the IT Forum. I will do that next week, for now get the facts based in my notes in no particulair order:Role based deployment:Egde, Mailbox, Routing, client Access etc. So no more need of OWA files  or pub folders on all servers50 Storage Groups total50 databases totalPage size from 4k -> 6kIO and large Mem optimizedTarget 5MB RAM /userFull commandline support (Monad)ESM completly re-written from scratch90% of new code is managed codeFaster server startupNo more STM files!14 day dumpster by defaultEnable Large, low cost mailboxesE12=0.25 IO/sec (Ex2k3 1.0)

Logfiles limit 2 billionLow impact fast re-indexMulti mailbox searchWorks with OL and OWA and Mobile OutlookLocal continuous backup, no tape neededRemote continuous backupReduced TCOFast recovery (minutes)No more PST's! expensive, legal risk.Managed email folders, corporate assigned foldersOutlook Voice AccessBranding: Demo's used Beta1 named Exchange 2007Binaries are version 8!Only 64 bit, reported 1st by few months ago :)No active/active cluster supportNo more OMA supportNTTP?Last version with public foldersAccess intranet and files outside the office without VPN

More to come next week!