Microsoft Exchange 12 will enable "file sharing" through RPC over HTTP!

Posted by bink on November 17 2005, 2:37 PM. Posted in Exchange.

This is cool news, Microsoft Exchange 12 will enable a form of "file sharing" through RPC over HTTP! So you can get access to your files with no VPN in a secure way.

You might remember I reported nearlt 2 years ago that Windows 2003 Server R2 would include a technology that enabled users to access their files on the network, while they are outside of the corperate network, without using VPN. This technology would be based on the same technology as Outlook 2003 has now (RPC over Http).Unfourtunatly that feature has been dropped from R2 and postponed to Longhorn Server (2007)Now the Exchange team announced that in Exchange 12 there will be a feature that when your out of the office and an email is sent to you with a link to a file on a corperate server or to a intranetsite (Sharepoint) you will be able to access that file or site. This a great news! Ok it is not full filesharing, but if you keep emailing yourself links [:)] you might not need that. Also easy to access files posted on sharepoint sites.[Y]