Screenshots of New Microsoft Operations Manager (MOMv3)

Posted by bink on November 16 2005, 8:43 PM. Posted in Operations Manager (MOM).

Mom v3 is completely build on SDM:SDM is a model that is used to create definitions of distributed systems. Simply defined, a distributed system is a set of related software and hardware resources working together to accomplish a common function. Multitier line-of-business (LOB) applications, Web services, e-commerce sites, and enterprise data centers are examples of systems.

Using SDM, businesses can create a live blueprint of an entire system. This blueprint can be created and manipulated with various software tools and is used to define system elements and capture data pertinent to development, deployment, and operations so that the data becomes relevant across the entire IT life cycle.

Key Concepts of SDM • SDM captures in a self-contained model all of the invariant aspects of a system, including the desired configuration, policies, and behaviors. • SDM enables functional decomposition of systems through configurations and classes. • SDM encourages the creation of reusable, prescriptive models with embedded best practices, resulting in deployment and operations with reduced complexity. • SDM helps to close the gap between how administrators think and how they operate. In SDM, behavior is defined in terms of operational tasks, but the underlying system model is fully described from the highest level down to the physical components, allowing detailed knowledge and control of the system when desired. • An SDM system model provides a single point of integration, coordination, and policy enforcement across a distributed, end-to-end system. With SDM Service maintaining the system model, different administrators can be given different access rights to pieces of the model to maintain separation of roles and function within an organization. • A system model aids in a design's deployment and management and is a live model that can evolve and be enhanced during the life of the design. 

More in SDM In the Demo of MOM v3 they showed that MOM now better suggest actions without from within the management pack so it can fix problems. Also SDM enabled applications can be managed by MOM, MOM creates a management pack on the fly!MOM v3 ConsoleSDM enabled Application managed by MOMv3