Microsoft Windows 2003 Storage Server R2 features are all in the general Windows 2003 Server editions

Posted by bink on November 15 2005, 10:42 PM. Posted in Storage Server (NAS).

Today after the keynote of Bob Muglia he held a press conference. I was able to ask only 1 Windows 2003 Storage Server is now only available through OEM channels, is Microsoft considering changing this when Storage Server R2 is released, so the specific storage feauters can be general available for use?I haven't recorded the session but this is basicly his answer: With the the release of R2 all storage specific features will be available in the general 2003 Server Editions. Storage Server 2003 R2 will stay only available for OEM who make storage appliances.This is good news, before some cool features were only available in Storage Server. [:)]