Introducing 'Mint Source' from Microsoft Academia UK

Posted by sbink on November 6 2005, 10:28 PM. Posted in Academia.

Mint Source is the unconventional new starter kit for students that enables you to quickly get your hands on the freshest, hottest technology from Microsoft. Think of it as a direct line to Microsoft information. We'll give you samples of what you can do and the tools to do it. Get ahead. Get Mint Source… and be the first to download the latest knowledge and tools. Free 'n' easy just got easier.

What is Mint Source? You get three great things as part of Mint Source:

1. A working kit to try your development skills.2. RSS Aggregator (meet Mint Source!)3. Profile Selection - pre-set profiles to choose from:      - Visual Studio Developer Information (technical docs, how to etc.)      - News (latest stuff, MSDN, academia items)      - Student Stuff (XBox, gaming, MSPs, people)      - Imagine Cup (Software Design Challenge)      - Imagine Cup (WW Online Invitationals)

By simply selecting the profile that's most relevant to you (and it's stored on the client!) we can start providing you with cool information, resources, technical details, news and much more to help you as you get going using the starter kit.   It's all via RSS and that's where Mint Source really comes into his own. The RSS Aggregator built into the starter kit has Mint Source as the skin - we'll be running competitions throughout the year around him, how he looks and what he does…so see what it's all about!  Continued At Source