"More users migrate from Microsoft Exchange to new Lotus Notes"

Posted by bink on October 24 2005, 5:27 PM. Posted in Exchange.

More users are migrating from Microsoft Exchange to the new version of Lotus Notes and Domino 7 with its new collaboration features and tools that help improve productivity for IT administrators and application developers.

The new upgrade has the competitive advantage because it supports Linux, Windows and Unix, said Surjit Chana, IBM vice president for marketing, partners and workplace client technology.

Chana expects more customers of IBM to upgrade to the new version of Lotus Notes as well as attract new customers to deploy Domino 7 particularly from the small and medium enterprises.

"A lot of users of Microsoft Exchange are now migrating to Lotus Notes 7 because of the many innovations, security features, reduced total cost of ownership and a strong support by IBM," said Chana.

With Lotus Notes and Domino 7, IBM has created a vastly improved collaboration platform designed to meet the evolving and expanding needs of knowledge workers.

End-user productivity is a driving factor in companies’ uses of collaboration software and with Lotus Notes 7 users will benefit from more than 100 new features that will allow them to manage an increasing volume of information and work more efficiently.

New visual indicators can help users organize and manage their in-box by highlighting high priority messages, as well as differentiating between group e-mails and messages targeted for specific users.

New memory functions will automatically save and return to open documents and applications upon shut down and restart, which will give users additional mobility without worrying about losing data or hindering productivity.

And instant messaging and presence technology, already integrated in the Lotus Notes client, has been expanded across the platform, including emails and calendar items, facilitating productivity and responsiveness by instantly connecting users with experts and key contacts.

"IBM recognizes that our customers need more than just e-mail for their collaboration needs — as a result, IBM has evolved Lotus Notes and Domino forward as an extensive platform built to meet the business objectives of a wide variety of corporate communities, including end-users, IT administrators, application developers and the CFO’s office," said Chana.

"Today, tens of thousands of customers are relying on Lotus Notes and Domino to help drive their overall business, so we’ve built Lotus Notes and Domino 7 with capabilities that can increase productivity from the organizational level down to individual knowledge workers."

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