20 Longhorn/Vista SKU's revealed

Posted by bink on October 11 2005, 9:11 PM. Posted in Windows Vista.

Raphael of Extended64 did some digging around in Vista: I came across an XML file filled with alpha-numeric gibberish, quickly identified as base64 encoded data. I slapped it into my favorite web-based decoder and found some interesting product key SKUs... If you look closely, very closely, you'll see there's 20 SKUs.

So here's the list in with interesting SKUs in boldface:

Windows Vista StarterWindows Vista Home BasicWindows Vista Home PremiumWindows Vista UltimateWindows Vista Pro Standard/SBLonghorn Enterprise Server (ADS)Longhorn Enterprise Server - IA64Longhorn Standard ServerLonghorn Datacenter Server Windows Vista Pro Std/SB/Ent - VL Binding ServiceWindows Vista Pro Std/SB/Ent - VLGenericWindows Vista Pro Std/SB/Ent - DMAK Windows Vista Starter Digital Boost - OEMWindows Vista Home Basic - OEMWindows Vista Home Premium - OEMWindows Vista Ultimate - OEMWindows Vista Pro Standard/SB - OEMLonghorn Enterprise Server - OEMWindows Vista Home Basic NWindows Vista Pro Standard N

Longhorn Enterprise Server - IA64

Jesus christ, I thought IA64 was dying. Hopefully this SKU merely exists for those diehard IA64 hardware fans at Microsoft...

Windows Vista Pro Std/SB/Ent - VL Binding Service

I'm not sure what the difference is between the generic volume license SKU and this one -- A sign of secure VLKs in the future?

Windows Vista Pro Std/SB/Ent - DMAK

I'm sure this is nothing special, but I don't know what the DMAK acronym stands for... or if it even is an acronym...

Windows Vista Starter Digital Boost - OEM

Now this is very interesting. The name implies this is some form of Vista Starter Edition with a 'digital boost', whatever that means. I'm a genius, I know.Here is Paul's list