Eiger named: Windows Fundamentals, for Software Assurance only, Available March 2006!

Posted by bink on September 15 2005, 11:49 PM. Posted in Windows Fundamentals.

Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs for Software Assurance Available March 2006!Microsoft Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs is a Windows-based operating system designed for customers with legacy PCs who are running legacy operating systems and are not in a position to purchase new hardware. Windows Fundamentals provides the same security and manageability as Microsoft Windows XP SP2 while providing a smooth migration path to the latest hardware and operating system.

Windows Fundamentals is not a general-purpose operating system, but is designed to work with Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection client or third-party clients such as Citrix’s ICA client. In addition, Windows Fundamentals allows for a limited number of workloads to be executed locally, including security software, management software, terminal emulation software, document viewers, and the .NET Framework.

With Windows Fundamentals, Microsoft introduces the Windows Managed Desktop, which allows these desktops to be completely locked down.

Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs for Software Assurance offers the following advantages:

The latest tools: It's managed with the same tools that apply to Windows XP SP2. Whether you use Windows Update, Automatic Update, or Systems Management Server (SMS) to manage your desktops, all apply to Windows Fundamentals in exactly the same way.

The ability to leverage existing skills: It doesn’t require your IT staff to acquire any new skills, saving you time and money.

Fewer desktop operating systems: It looks like Windows XP SP2 from a management tool’s perspective, so your IT staff is already familiar with this environment.

Componentized architecture: It lets you install only those components users need, reducing the number of components exposed to malicious attacks.

Locked-down desktop: It can prevent intentional and accidental malicious activity by limiting a user’s ability to access menus. Also, Windows Fundamentals maintains session-specific changes in separate, disposable partitions of the hard drive.

Proactive protection: It is built on the same code base as Windows XP SP2 and has the same high levels of security with Windows Firewall, Data Execution Prevention, and Internet Explorer’s Pop-Up Blocker.

Windows XP SP2 serviceability: It is patched in exactly the same way as Windows XP SP2, eliminating the need for customization of Microsoft-released security patches.

Smooth migration path: Desktops are managed in the same way as Windows XP desktops, making the transition to Windows Vista much smoother than having to move legacy operating systems and Windows XP to Windows Vista.

Upgrade preparation: Because you already own a license for the latest Windows operating system, when your old hardware fails, you can replace it with new hardware without having to buy another license.