Site Updates

Posted by sbink on September 7 2003, 11:25 PM. Posted in Site News. has recieved a few updates and bug fixes!

New Features:

  • RSS Feed! 
  • News articles now have author
  • # of comments now displayed on each news article
  • New “Downloads“ links under Links Tab
    • These are links to downloads in news articles
  • New, reworked links section
  • [Administrative] Created ASP.NET ad click counter

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed 404 error when clicking an article category
  • Re-worded register screen (no email will be delievered on signup)
  • Speeded website page loading time (by removing slow old ad system and adding a new ASP.NET based one)
  • Fixed spelling error on article detail page

I'm pretty sure I fixed some more bugs, but its late ;-) and I can't remember them all.  And remember, post in the bug forums if you have a problem!