TECHED UPDATE: No Active/Active Fail-over cluster support in Exchange 12

Posted by bink on July 5 2005, 8:08 PM. Posted in Exchange.

I'm in a Exchange clustering session now, the speaker just told the best practices on choosing active/active or active/passive scenarios for Exchange clustering.I knew MS had active/active issues with Exchange clustering, I brought that in the open 4 years ago: [:D]Now Microsft highly discourages active/active scenarious, saying if you have that running switch to a active/passive solution. In Exchange 12 active/active support will even not be available![:O]Exchange cluster modelsActive/Passive is the strongly preferred model  Fewer EVS’ than nodes  Must use if more than two nodesActive/Active is the strongly discouraged model  Maximum of two nodes and maximum of two EVS’  Maximum one RSG per cluster (824126)  Limits number of concurrent MAPI users per node to 1,900  Limits average CPU utilization on each node to 40%  Two instances of store running in one Store.exe process; not enough contiguous virtual memory to bring �B;resource online