TECHED UPDATE: More on Exchange 12, log shipping support!

Posted by bink on July 5 2005, 4:49 PM. Posted in Exchange.

Last year at Teched I wrote an article that Exchange might get log shipping support, well today Microsoft announced that it will be available in Exchange 12!Using Log shipping admins can have continues backup solutions.Also Exchange 12 deployment will be simplyfied, giving the admin to choose Exchange server roles, like edge server, OWA, backend.AutoDiscovery service to configure Outlook and devices to connect to ExchangeScriptable command line interfaceNative 64-bit Support (direct when it is relased)Ability to connect the Exchane 12 server to a PBX, users can receive voicemail and faxes in their mailbox and better, users can phone to their mailbox and have email read to them or cancel appointments and send the meeting attentdees a voicemessage.[8-|]Serverside searchAccess documents form Sharpoint sitesMore:OWA12: Shared SharePoint documents from OWAEfficient, reliable meeting schedulingBrowse contacts, language settingMessage hygiene  Edge Server ProtectionAnti-virus & Anti-spam extensibilitySecure messagingAuto-establish secure B2B email Secure content sharing over emailEnterprise policy enforcementMail flow policies: archival, encryption, routingStorage policies: retention, archival, deletionRich auditing and searchThe Speaker did not say any release schedule for Exchange 12.  It is in a "too early stage"