Change 2 Bytes and Windows XP Home becomes XP Professional

Posted by bink on May 31 2005, 6:25 PM. Posted in Windows XP.

German Computer magazine C'T (Heise) is describing in its current print issue how to change Windows XP Home to a Windows XP Professional version before install.

Microsoft is not going to like this. The C'T magazine apparently found out that by changing 2 bytes in the installation file of Windows XP Home, it will install a Windows Professional. Some functions are missing, but Remote Desktop and User management and enhanced security features are present.

I could not find write-up of the instructions online yet. C'Ts online site is not reporting about it - guess they want to maximize print magazine sales. The article is in the c't 12/05 on page 148. The hack requires several steps. The major change is in a registry file in the i386 folder. The article is 8 pages long, so I guess you have to get the magazine to get it right.

Story via I4U (US) via (German).