An Opinion: Why is Microsoft Winning

Posted by bink on April 21 2005, 1:29 PM. Posted in Opinion.

Karel Donk from Suriname wrote down his opinion:     Why is Microsoft Winning

The ongoing legal debacle between Microsoft and the EU simply proves that the EU and certain Microsoft competitors still don’t get it. If they think they are going to stop or seriously hurt Microsoft they are going to wake up from a bad dream in the future. But you can’t blame them for trying. All of them are seriously beginning to feel the heat and I see this as an act of desperation to try and stop Microsoft.

Kind of like how Microsoft was after Linspire months ago because the name “Lindows” sounded a lot like “Windows”. We all know that was bullshit, Microsoft simply needed a reason to try and hurt Linspire, they thought they found it, and they went to war. They lost though, because not only did they give Linspire a lot of good publicity, they also helped to give their competitor’s product an even better name: “Linspire”. I’m sure in hindsight Microsoft can today admit going after Linspire was a stupid thing to do. I’m still a little disappointed in them because of this.

But the problems Microsoft is facing today for example with the EU are nothing but the wake left behind by their way of doing business years ago. Today they are simply facing the consequences of their actions back then. Because today Microsoft is a different company. A better company, and a lot less evil. More and more they are trying to compete with their products instead of using evil business practices. And why shouldn’t they? They have excellent products, and there are few competitors who can compete with Microsoft’s products today. Microsoft’s monopoly today isn’t being maintained by evil business practices anymore, but rather today it is being maintained by an arsenal of great products comprised of great technology. Continue At Source