Bink no longer Microsoft MVP

Posted by bink on April 12 2005, 4:17 PM. Posted in MVP.

Bink no longer Microsoft MVP [:O]I was quite surprised when I heard I didn't get the award this year, later a bit disappointed and a bit pissed of to be honest. The reason is the Windows Server product group did not accept my nomination, because "I don't help enough people" Hmmm, that's weird, In my humble opinion I did more for "the community" then ever before, visitors have more then doubled.Pointing a few million people each month to the the latest Microsoft news, tips, guides and downloads, doesn't seem to count anymore, besides that I did more pro Microsoft stuff last year, like speaking at events, writing columns for UK Windows XP magazine. They said is better in Microsoft's "Expert Zone Featured Community" program. Well OK, but why have other webmasters been re-nominated this year. I don't know why the MVP program is suddenly this inconsistent.Anyway thank you Microsoft for having such a program and being part of it for two years.