Flight Simulator 2004 Update v9.1

Posted by bink on October 11 2004, 1:09 PM. Posted in Flight Simulator.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Team is pleased to announce a product update for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight. In response to customer feedback and Product Support information, the update addresses performance improvements and content updates. To begin, select the language version of the Update below to match the version of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 you have installed.

  • Addressed slow frame rates for flights repeatedly in and out of a common area. Frame rate decreases have been corrected by fixes to Autogen scenery behavior and memory allocation.
  • Addressed product stability issues that were due to changes of season in particular airport environments. Users will experience stable and consistent behavior when changing the time and season across any of the airports at any level of scenery detail.
  • Addressed additional product stability issues tied to various features throughout the product.
  • Addressed issues with configuration file updates to make sure all option changes are reflected during subsequent launches.
  • Restored support for 19 meter digital elevation data as was supported in Flight Simulator 2002.
  • Download and more info At Source (via scoble)