Complaints Rise Over Microsoft Money Update

Posted by bink on September 29 2004, 2:44 PM. Posted in Money.

Just days after the official release of Microsoft Corp.'s Money 2005, some customers who placed transactions to purchase copies of the financial management software are alleging they were short changed.

Microsoft support newsgroups on Monday was rife with displays of cognitive dissonance and customer dissatisfaction over what are alleged to be serious quality control issues—primarily concerning online bill paying features.

Microsoft considers Money 2005 to be a significant advancement in the product's evolution. The company has taken Money back to "essentials" to address three primary tasks: checking account balances, monitoring spending and paying bills.

In addition to simplifying Money, Microsoft has souped up the software's ability to download clients' account information from banks, credit card companies and brokerages while reducing the need for manual data entry.

The tighter ties between Money and the MSN service mean that customers can manage portfolios, stay informed and pay bills online. However, this integration paved the way for the sharpest criticisms from the early adopters. Aside from scattered complaints made over Microsoft's changes to categories, and an apparent inability for some users to match downloaded transaction with transactions in their personal registers; the aggrieved customers reported that the MSN Bill Pay feature will not work after upgrading. Continue At Source