Customize Outlook's Display Map of Address link

Posted by bink on October 9 2003, 3:27 PM. Posted in Office.

One useful but often forgotten feature of Outlook’s Contacts is the ability to map the contact’s address using MapPoint on CD or through a web site if MapPoint is not installed.

Use the Com Addin dialog to disable the MapPoint AddinWhen you need a map of a contact’s address, open a contact and press the Road sign icon uses web-based maps Display Map button to connect to a web-based mapping service. If MapPoint is installed, the yellow icon is replaced with a Map and pushpin icon uses MapPoint CD map icon and it uses MapPoint to map the contact's location. (Or use Actions, Display Map of Address menu.)

When MapPoint is installed, you can create web-based maps by disabling the MapPoint Com addin by opening Tools, Options, Other, Advanced Options, Com Addins and remove the check from the MapPoint Addin.

Outlook originally used maps on the Expedia website and Microsoft recently redirected the URL to However, Outlook 2000 does not redirect properly and users are unable to use the external mapping service. If you use Outlook 2000 and don’t have MapPoint installed, you can edit the registry to enable another web-based mapping service.

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