Migrating from Unix

Posted by bink on June 4 2004, 5:25 PM. Posted in Unix.

Solution Guide for Windows Security and Directory Services for UNIXBuilding Security and Directory Solutions for UNIX Using the Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Kerberos and LDAP ServicesProvides process and technical guidance for consolidating security and directory services to provide authentication and authorization in heterogeneous UNIX and Windows environments using Windows Server 2003

This guide provides prescriptive guidance to enable Microsoft® Windows Server™ 2003 to be used for authentication and as an identity and authorization data store within heterogeneous Microsoft Windows® and UNIX environments. The guidance covers evaluating, planning, building, and deploying a security and directory infrastructure based on Windows Server 2003. The guidance will be valuable for business and technical decision makers, IT architects, and systems administrators participating in infrastructure consolidation or integration projects download

UNIX Migration Project GuideThis guide offers end to end "how to" project guidance from Microsoft that provides a context for the specific technical guidance presented in UNIX migration solution guides.

The UNIX Migration Project Guide (UMPG) supplements the specific, technically focused guidance in UNIX migration solution guides by focusing on the "people and process" aspects of migration projects. The UMPG takes readers from inception through completion of a project involving the migration from UNIX to Windows of an application, database, or infrastructure. For each project phase, the guide advises on the issues to consider, actions to take, and deliverables to complete. Based on the experience of Microsoft and its customers, it is designed to prevent common causes of project failure, such as misalignment of IT and business goals, and inadequate management of project risk. The UMPG and the solution guides follow a parallel organization of "Plan, Build, and Deploy" and within these categories, sequential project phases, to facilitate their use as companion guides. Download.

Solution Guide for CATIA Migration from UNIX to WindowsThe Solution Guide for CATIA Migration from UNIX to Windows provides information on how to migrate a CATIA V.4 application environment on UNIX to a CATIA V.5 application environment on Windows.

The Solution Guide for CATIA Migration from UNIX to Windows provides information to UNIX users on potential issues while planning or implementing a CATIA V.5 based solution on Windows. Some of these issues include choosing installation strategies and tools, setting up support services like license management, minimizing administration efforts and migrating any existing CATIA data from UNIX to the Windows environment. The information included in this guide is gathered from consultants working in the field, tests carried out to prove the concepts, and from customer issues that have already been confronted and solved during migration. Download