Analytics Integration From Microsoft

Posted by bink on October 3 2003, 7:03 PM. Posted in Dynamics.

Microsoft company FRx makes it easier for resellers -- mainly ERP vendors -- to tie their general ledger products to FRx's analytics tools

Microsoft subsidiary FRx has released a new product, Integration Designer 1.0, as a part of the Microsoft Business Solutions for Analytics. The product is targeted at FRx resellers -- mainly enterprise resource planning (ERP) software providers -- and is licensed for $5,000.Holly Simpson, VP of sales for FRx, describes FRx resellers as "ERP software vendors who don't want to write a financial reporting package" (or, for that matter, acquire one). In the past, she says, such resellers have had to work jointly with FRx to provide mapping between their mutual systems, while such mapping will now be taken care off by the Integrator.

Furthermore, customers who switch their general ledger packages may have an easier time continuing to use FRx, as Laura Pettett, FRx's product marketing manager, says that mapping to a new provider will be faster.

Simpson claims that FRx has about 115,000 customers, mainly in the mid-market. "The end users are accountants, accounting managers, business analysts," she explains, and emphasizes that the mid-market constituency has as much need of financial analytics as enterprises. "They're under the same requirements to produce financial reports [for] owners, bankers, people they do joint ventures with, and employees," she says.