Longhorn RTM: August 15 2005? It Doesn't Appear So

Posted by bink on September 26 2003, 11:09 PM. Posted in Windows Server 2008.

From Wininfo short takes:

Neowin.net recently predicted that Windows Longhorn would RTM on August 15, 2003, but a Microsoft representative tells me that date is no longer correct, and is in fact from an old schedule. I chatted briefly with one of the folks at Neowin about the date before I heard from my source, and while they're a reliable site, it appears they're getting out-of-date information in this case. Honestly, I'm not sure what to believe at this point, but it seems unlikely that Microsoft, which has never been able to hit even the vaguest deadlines for major projects, would announce a specific date for Windows Longhorn two years in advance, especially given the way that company executives have been downplaying release date expectations all year. I guess we'll see: With the PDC less than a month away, Longhorn fever is building to a crescendo.

IgLatinpay in Onghornlay Uildbay 4029: What's the Story?

I've gotten a lot of questions about the bizarre pig latin that appears in the desktop version string in Windows Longhorn build 4029. Surely this is a fake, right? Actually, no. According to a source at the software giant, Microsoft was simply testing its new version identification scheme, through which the company is dramatically simplifying the way it provides the product name and version number in its OS. So by changing the Windows version string to pig latin, they can be sure it's correctly propagating to all of the places in the UI where this information is displayed. In previous Windows versions, changing the product name or version number, as the company did repeatedly with Windows Server 2003, caused a lot of problems because this information had to be manually changed in dozens of locations. Now, the company can make quick changes because this information only appears once in the Windows code. If you're interested in Longhorn 4029, I've posted a second screen shot gallery on the SuperSite for Windows.