MOM SP1 Performance and Sizing Kit

Posted by bink on September 26 2003, 10:42 PM. Posted in Operations Manager (MOM).

You can use the findings in this paper along with the MOM SP1 Management Server Sizer as a starting point to help you to determine the appropriate performance and sizing considerations for MOM SP1 in your environment.Specifically, this paper answers questions such as:
  • How large must the management server be in terms of hardware resources?
  • How large is the overall footprint of MOM SP1?
  • How large should the MOM SP1 database be?
  • What are the system requirements needed to run MOM SP1 effectively?
  • What is the expected disk activity on the MOM SP1 database and database server?
  • What is the expected CPU usage of the MOM agent on a managed computer?