Bart's PE builder growing....

Posted by bink on September 20 2003, 7:46 PM. Posted in Tools & Utils.

Bart developed PE builder for admin's and home hobbyists who can't get MS Windows PE. Now some admins who have the MS winPE switch to Bart's PE builder cause of the flexibility and easy config of PE builder.

New in build 3.0.12 Beta:

v3.0.12-BETA- Files in plugin folder can now also be "compressed". (ends with '_').- Added a ramdisk plugin, default drive is B:, default size 32MB.- Added a Nero Buring Rom plugin.  This is pretty cool. Burn/copy a CD/DVD from within WinPE.  You should not "boot" using your CD/DVD writer!  Boot from some other device.  The Nero cache will be set to the first found harddisk.