MS Java Transition guide

Posted by bink on September 20 2003, 7:36 PM. Posted in Microsoft Corp.

Due to a settlement agreement in January 2001 that resolved a legal dispute with Sun Microsystems, as of January 2004 Microsoft will no longer be authorized to support the Microsoft® Java Virtual Machine (MSJVM). Microsoft will not be able to address potential security issues, nor will the company be able to make any product enhancements. In preparation for this change, Microsoft began phasing out the MSJVM in its products after the settlement was reached. Going forward, the MSJVM will not be included in any future Microsoft products.

Minimizing Impact

Microsoft's top priority is to provide its customers a computing experience that is trustworthy. As part of that effort, the company is committed to helping customers end their MSJVM dependencies and move to alternate solutions.

Microsoft will offer customers running the MSJVM several tools and options for transition and migration. As those options are built, the primary focus will be minimizing customer inconvenience.

The transition and migration options Microsoft offers will be customized to address the needs and circumstances of different types of customers. Depending on the specific customer situation, recommended courses of action may range from doing nothing at this time to identifying and addressing a customer's MSJVM dependency.

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