MSA 2.0 released!

Posted by bink on September 19 2003, 2:03 PM. Posted in Microsoft Solutions.

Microsoft Systems Architecture (MSA) is enterprise-class architectural blueprints and implementation guidance that are tested and proven in the lab with hardware and software partners. The output of everything we do is documentation that is all freely available via the downloads on this page. The MSA v2.0 documentation set includes some introductory documents that explain what MSA is and how to use (a great place to start) as well as the Reference Architecture Kit and Implementation Kit. A breakdown of those pieces is as follows:
  • Introduction to Microsoft Systems Architecture
    • MSA – A Program Overview
    • How to Use MSA 2.0
  • Reference Architecture Kit
    • Architecture Blueprints
    • Service Blueprints
  • Implementation Kit
    • Planning Guide
    • Building Guide (includes Testing)
      • Deployment Kit
    • Operations Guide
For the sake of more manageable download sizes, the documentation has been split into 4 files for download:

MSA 2.0 IK - BuildOps.msi


17739 KB

MSA 2.0 IK - Planning.msi


12574 KB

MSA 2.0 Intro.msi


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MSA 2.0 RAK.msi


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  • Systems Architecture: Enterprise Data Center
  • Microsoft Systems Architecture: Internet Data Center
  • Microsoft Systems Architecture 2.0