Microsoft Ceases AutoPatcher Project on Neowin

Posted by bink on August 29 2007, 2:27 PM. Posted in Legal Issues.

Neowin: I had a call from Microsoft Legal this morning and they have told me that we are no longer allowed to endorse AutoPatcher on Neowin.Microsoft will only allow updates to be downloaded from its own servers.AutoPatcher started in 2003 and has been redistributed in some of the worlds best computer magazine cover CD/DVD's. I have no explanation for why Microsoft allowed it to continue unchecked for 4 years before making this decision.I asked the representative if Windows Genuine Advantage had anything to do with it and he categorically told me this was not the case, he added that Windows Update for pre-Vista versions of Windows can now be accessed using Firefox and that the concern at Microsoft had more to do with the possible malicious code that could be redistributed with certified Microsoft updates.We have no grounds to challenge the decision by Microsoft.I'd like to thank the whole AutoPatcher team for their continued work, unfortunately none of the team is online, but they have been contacted via the website by Microsoft Legal.The AutoPatcher forums on Neowin have been disabled for guests and members