Sex offender database plotted on Microsoft Virtual Earth

Posted by sumeethevans on August 27 2007, 5:30 AM. Posted in Virtual Earth.

Worried that there might be sex offender living in your street? Vision 20/20 is now offering a free web-based service, the Peach of Mind (POM) Offender Locator, that allows those living in the US to easily locate sex offenders in their area by typing in an address, or simply zooming up on a map. According to Vision 20/20, there are 650,000 registered sex offenders living in the US, with that number growing by 25,000 each month. "Wouldn’t you like to know if any of them are living in your neighborhood?" asks the company.  Right clicking on the POM Offender Locator map plots all registered sex offenders in a particular area on a Microsoft Virtual Earth map. Clicking on a sex offender brings up profile that includes a picture and key prices of information, as well as an address. Vision 20/20 is a Houston based telemetry service provider, with a mission "to keep everybody safe". The company also offers a free POM Alert System, which will send you an email if a sex offender moves into your area, and POM Pilot (GPS), a paid-for service, which allows you to track the location of individuals and vehicles. POM Pilot (GPS) can be set up so that you will receive an alert if the individual leaves a predefined or if a vehicle exceeds the speed limit. At the time of writing POM Pilot GPS didn't seem to be available.Continue At Source