Videos on Windows PowerShell for IT Professionals

Posted by bink on August 22 2007, 2:00 PM. Posted in Powershell.

Don Jones and Jeffrey Snover: The Value of Windows PowerShell for IT Professionals Don Jones, author, trainer and scripting guru for and discusses the value of PowerShell for IT Administrators and Enterprise IT Management with Jeffrey Snover, Architect for Windows PowerShell and Microsoft Management Console.  Don Jones is the author with Jeffrey Hicks of PowerShell TFM from Sapien Press. 
Jeffrey Snover and Dmitry Sotnikov: Learn and Master Windows PowerShell with Quest Software’s PowerGUIJoin Jeffrey and Dmitry as they demonstrate the free graphical user interface for running Windows PowerShell cmdlets (commands) and writing scripts. PowerGUI consists of a GUI that allows you to easily inspect and execute Windows PowerShell cmdlets as well as a “click-through macro” for writing Windows PowerShell scripts.  As Jeffrey says, this is what Microsoft originally wanted to do but we ran out of time because of testing. Download Quest Software’s PowerGUI at
Dmitry Sotnikov: Using Windows PowerShell to manage Windows Server 2008 Active Directory and Read-Only Domain ControllersWindows PowerShell is included as part of Windows Server 2008. Join Dmitry Sotnikov from Quest Software and Scott Ottaway from Microsoft as they demonstrate the use of Windows PowerShell to manage new features in Server 2008 including new Active Directory features and Read-Only Domain Controllers. Go to to download the free Quest Software Active Directory cmdlets and their free GUI for executing PowerShell cmdlets and writing Windows PowerShell scripts.