Microsoft released Windows Vista pre-SP1 wireless authentication rollup hotfix

Posted by bink on August 22 2007, 1:31 AM. Posted in Windows Vista.

5 issues relating to wireless authentication are fixed with this (non public!) hotfix. 1. IEEE 802.1X authentication that is based on Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) switching may fail.2. In a wireless profile, the information about the Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) method that is selected in a user interface may be incorrect.3. A wireless profile that an independent hardware vendor (IHV) provides may be corrupted after you use the wireless profile user interface to edit the profile. When this problem occurs, you may receive an error message that Windows Explorer has crashed.4. Every time that you roam to a different wireless access point, you are prompted to provide a user credential. This problem occurs even if you have saved the user credential.5. You registered a Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol (PEAP) method that the IHV provided. When you try to authenticate against an Internet Authentication Service (IAS) server, the server may reject the authentication, and the IAS server may send an error message that the authentication has failed. The Onex.dll file crashes when this problem occurs. So non public? but wait, you can now email MS support to get this hotfix via email. Be sure to state that you are from the USA, otherwise Microsoft does not think you are worthy to get this fix that easy, you have to waste more time on a call to your local MS support.