Windows Live ID is open now, SDK available

Posted by bink on August 17 2007, 1:11 PM. Posted in Live ID (Passport).

Windows Live ID Web Authentication allows sites who want to integrate with the Windows Live services and platform. We are releasing a set of tools that make this integration easier than ever.

Web Authentication works by sending your users to the Windows Live ID sign-in page by means of a specially formatted link. The service then directs them back to your Web site along with a unique, site-specific identifier that you can use to manage personalized content, assign user rights, and perform other tasks for the authenticated user. Sign-in and account management is performed by Windows Live ID, so you don't have to worry about implementing these details.

Included with the Web Authentication software development kit (SDK) are QuickStart sample applications in the ASP.NET, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby programming languages. You can get the sample applications for this SDK from the Web Authentication download page on

The benefits of incorporating Windows Live ID into your Web site include:

· The ability to use Windows Live gadgets, APIs and controls to incorporate authenticated Windows Live services into your site.

· An HTTP-based, platform-neutral interface for implementing Windows Live ID authentication in your existing site, even if it is hosted by a third-party.

· Ability to make authentication and Windows Live integration easy for over 380 million consumers.

 Try it out! Click here to see the Web Authentication SDK documentation and click hereto download the QuickStart sample application for your platform. In minutes, your site will be Windows Live ID enabled!