SoftGrid app-virtualization: Another way to offer software as a service

Posted by sumeethevans on August 1 2007, 2:08 AM. Posted in SoftGrid.

MDOP, the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, is the fastest-selling-ever Volume Licensing product from Microsoft, according to the company. Since Microsoft introduced MDOP six months ago, customers have bought 2 million licenses for MDOP.

MDOP consists of a number of different tools and technologies, all of which are developed by Microsoft’s System Center team: SoftGrid application virtualization, diagnostics and recovery toolset, advanced group-policy management, an inventory-asset service and desktop error-monitoring capabilities.

If I were to guess which of these might be most enticing to customers, I’d say SoftGrid might be the biggest carrot. And if it’s not yet the crown jewel of MDOP, I’d predict it will be by the time Microsoft issues its next MDOP refresh.

(Keep in mind that the only way customers currently can get MDOP and SoftGrid is to sign up for Software Assurance, Microsoft’s annuity-maintenance licensing program. Based on early information on Microsoft’s plans for Windows 7, it sounds like the Redmondians plan to continue to offer existing and forthcoming MDOP services as carrots/sticks to get more folks to sign up for Software Assurance.)

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