Microsoft Adds 26 Terabytes to Virtual Earth

Posted by sumeethevans on July 6 2007, 10:22 PM. Posted in Virtual Earth.

The July update to Virtual Earth is complete. Tip of the hat to our data pipeline team for getting our largest update ever out on time. Over the past 6 months they have done a lot of great work to smooth our data pipeline and the benefits are obvious - they can get textured 3D buildings, aerial and Birds Eye imagery online faster and with massive volume. This months publish is 26 terabytes. With it comes a new rendered map style that we've been calling 'hill shaded' which gives our road style maps the ability to convey elevation. Click the Image below to have a look.


Here's a rundown of what else is new this month. All of these cities/regions have new or expanded Aerial imagery and most have textured 3D buildings and cityscapes 

Canada: Hamilton, Quebec, Toronto (Montreal is on the way in our next release) 

Europe: Toulouse France, Eastbourne UK

image United States: Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Mobile, Phoenix (expanded), Arden, Denver (expanded), Ft. Lauderdale, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Tallahassee, Fort Myers, Tampa West, St Petersburg, Coral Gables, Cape Coral West, Pembroke Pines, Orlando, Hialea, Columbus GA, Jackson, Oak Park IL, Rockford IL, Ohare IL, Baton Rouge, Shreveport New Orleans, Metarie, Jersey City, Elizabeth, East Ruth, Newark, Paterson, Brooklyn, Niagara Falls, Portland (expanded), Nashville, Chattanooga, Milwaukee