Microsoft Web Sites and Services Management Pack for MOM 2005

Posted by bink on June 28 2007, 11:31 PM. Posted in Operations Manager (MOM).

Note: Added SQL 2005 support for reporting. This MP works on SQL 2000 and 2005 SQL Reporting Service. The Web Sites and Services Management Pack can be used to monitor availability and performance of Web sites and services by performing HTTP requests against the monitored entities. When monitoring Web sites, the user can configure the management pack to monitor a stand-alone URL (equivalent of a HTTP “ping”), to monitor a Web page complete with resources (like images and scripts), to validate links on a Web page, and to monitor a Web application.The Management Pack will measure availability and performance and can validate response content. It can be configured to alert on certain conditions or to simply collect the measured values. Management Pack Release History: 05/08/2006 Updated reports to support SQL 2005 Reporting Services. 06/27/2007 Updated release. Download At Source