Last Warning: Patch!

Posted by bink on September 17 2003, 6:10 PM. Posted in Security.

Did you install the latest RPC patch? Don't wait for Blaster2 cause early “builds” of a worm are already out there!

Don't wait, patch now, your home PC, the PC's and servers in your network, if you are not responsible for that and you know your PC is not patched, notify your IT department (again).

Don't think a corporate firewall will stop it, an infected laptop might plug in your network.

What Is It?

Title: Buffer Overrun In RPCSS Service Could Allow Code Execution(824146)Date: September 10, 2003Software: Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0; Microsoft Windows NT Server(r) 4.0; Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition; Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows Server 2003Impact: Run code of attacker's choiceMaximum Severity Rating: CriticalBulletin: MS03-039The Microsoft Security Response Center has released Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-039 which concerns a vulnerability in the versions of Microsoft Windows listed above.Microsoft has released a tool that can be used to scan a network for the presence of systems which have not had the MS03-039 patch installed.More details on this tool are available in Microsoft Knowledge Basearticle 827363. This tool supersedes the one provided in MicrosoftKnowledge Base article 826369 which was developed to scan systems for the vulnerability patched by MS03-026.More information is now available at an effort to better communicate with our customers, Microsoft willalso be conducting a Webcast to provide guidance on Protecting Your PC and details of MS03-039.

Windows NT4.0 Workstation | Server | Terminal Server EditionWindows 2000Windows XP  Windows XP 64-bit Edition  Windows XP 64-bit Edition, Version 2003 WindowsXP Embedded

Windows Server 2003 | 64-bit EditionDetect tool: KB 824146 Scanner

Microsoft Knowledge Base article (824146)

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