Microsoft sues Immersion over alleged breach of contract

Posted by bink on June 19 2007, 3:20 AM. Posted in Legal Issues.

Haptic technology developer Immersion has been sued by Microsoft for not following through with their end of an agreement that settled a lawsuit originally filed by Immersion towards the Xbox 360 maker back in 2003. Funny how things come full circle.Microsoft cited a portion of the agreement where Immersion was to pay the company "based on certain business and IP licensing arrangements" but has not done so. The original agreement had Microsoft paying $26 million for licensing rights and a stake in the company.Immersion is probably best known in the video game industry for its lawsuits against Sony over patents based on their force feedback technology. Though Microsoft settled, Sony fought it and lost, eventually paying over $90 million to the patent holder.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->