Technet Magazine: June 2007

Posted by bink on May 24 2007, 6:35 PM. Posted in Support.

TechNet MagazineJune 2007 It's security month again. Learn how User Account Control in Windows Vista protects the machines you manage by limiting the administrator privileges users normally run with. BitLocker Drive Encryption, another Vista feature, adds security as well by providing full volume encryption and the validation of startup components. Also this month, finally get the tools you need to manage and control the kinds of hardware users install and connect to your network. You may be surprised at the range of security improvements this provides. Plus, read up on the four security must-haves: risk management, anti-malware, network anomaly detection, and configuration monitoring. Finally, see how the Windows Vista firewall offers protection right at your doorstep and how ACL enhancements offer better permissions control.