Microsoft forces pirate to advertise his guilt

Posted by bink on May 3 2007, 2:23 PM. Posted in Piracy.

A software pirate has been forced to take out an advertisement in the computer press after Microsoft won a legal case against him.

The conviction is part of Microsoft's campaign to crack down on people selling pirated software on eBay.

So far 55 people have been charged and the conviction of M A Jabarkhail of Grimsby was secured in January.

As part of the judgement under the EU Intellectual Property Enforcement Directive, Jabarkhail was forced to take out an advertisement in PC Retail, a title chosen by Microsoft.

"Judgement has been entered on Microsoft's behalf against M A Jabarkhail for trademark infringement, passing off and copyright infringement arising out of illegal trading on eBay," the quarter page advertisement reads.

The advertisement cost Jabarkhail £370. More judgments are expected shortly and similar advertisements will be placed in relevant publications.

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