Longorn Delay? not quite

Posted by bink on September 2 2003, 10:12 PM. Posted in Windows Server 2008.

News about a potential delay in Windows Longhorn, the next major update to Windows XP, has quickly evolved from mindless analysts predictions to so-called fact, with several major tech news outlets reporting on Microsoft's supposed setbacks. But Microsoft has never really announced a Longhorn release date, opting instead to refer to dates that are usually a few years out, owing to the complexity of what the company hopes to achieve with the Longhorn release. But that doesn't stop half the tech industry from reporting on a delay, and if this is how the next two years are going to go, it's going to feel like an eternity.   The delay stories arose from comments various Microsoft executives made recently in interviews. But none of them have described a delay. In fact, the tune from Redmond hasn't really changed, with each executive highlighting the fact that Longhorn is a major release wave encompassing several products and numerous technologies, and that such a complex product will be released only when it's ready. "We do not yet know the time frame for Longhorn, but it will involve a lot of innovative and exciting work," Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said recently.

When asked about Longhorn in a Computerworld interview last week, Microsoft group vice president Jim Allchin was similarly vague. "It's all a question of probabilities," he said. "[2005 is] our target. But there's a probability it may make it, it may not ... The truth is, these are targets ... We'll know so much more when we hit Beta 1. And we're not going to be at Beta 1 at the PDC [Professional Developers Conference in late October]. Once we hit Beta 1 we'll be able to get customer feedback. You can't predict when a product is going to ship until you get some customer feedback."

In the absence of any real news, and with a two year window in which to manufacture spin, many tech outlets have taken the initiative in an effort to supply eager readers with more Longhorn information. A tech industry analyst recently predicted that Longhorn would slip until 2006, a prediction that's so obvious given the 2005 target date and Microsoft's historical inability to meet time tables for major products, that it shouldn't have even merited discussion. But in the rumor-happy tech industry, that prediction was widely reported and is suddenly a solid piece of evidence that Microsoft is stumbling. It's a sad state of affairs.

Allchin's take on the release date frenzy is, perhaps, the most definitive. "The press made an issue out of [the release date] for Windows 2000, made an issue out of the date versus an issue out of quality," he said. "Every [press] meeting was about, 'What's the date, and how far are you behind?' And my response is, I don't care. I only care about the quality. This was a monster release beyond anything we had tried to do. You should be asking me about [the quality]. Forget the date. So that's still my mind-set as the engineer here ... No one should be locking onto this right now. Let's see how the developers like it. Let's see how Beta 1 goes. I don't know the date. Is it early '05? Is it late '05? Do I have an issue where it's '06? I don't know ... We'll do right by our customers."

Longhorn Delay....

Posted by bink on September 2 2003, 7:45 PM. Posted in Windows Server 2008.

Microsoft Corp. has once again shifted the schedule for the release of "Longhorn," the company's next major version of Windows, leaving some users up in the air about an upgrade path.Microsoft executives from Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates on down have long described Longhorn as the Redmond, Wash., company's most revolutionary operating system to date. The product was originally expected to ship next year. Then in May of this year, officials pushed back the release date to 2005. But now executives are declining to say when they expect the software to ship."We do not yet know the time frame for Longhorn, but it will involve a lot of innovative and exciting work," said Gates at a company financial analyst meeting this summer. Since then, other Microsoft officials have neither retracted nor clarified Gates' statement.

They have said that the next step for Longhorn will be at the Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles next month, where Longhorn developer preview CDs will be handed out. That will be followed by a broad first beta next year, said Jim Allchin, group vice president of Microsoft's Windows Platform Group, at the same summer event attended by Gates.

Some Microsoft partners and customers said that they would welcome Longhorn delays and that there needs to be more time between major releases to allow Microsoft proper engineering time.For example, the two newest features due in Longhorn—the Windows File System and the new compositing system—both need a lot of engineering and testing time, observers said.

IE6 SP2 Soon?

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Microsoft released a knowledge base article confirming a new Bug in IE6 SP1...Under the status line ms says, this problem will be fixed in Internet Explorer 6 SP2. So perhaps MS will release a new version of the popular browser sooner than the next service pack for XP.

822071 - Cannot View Some PNG Images

Thanx Ethan: There are over 65+ fixes MS has ready for IE6 SP2. To get a list, clickhere</FONT">or just search the KB for kbIE600preSP2fix to get the full list.

Outlook Mail Counter

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“Outlook mail counter” to place your outlook count on your desktop. With the recent beta of Outlook 2003 it looks like this utility isn’t going to be that useful since the new outlook does this on it’s own. One of the top requests the developer received was to allow people who didn’t use outlook but a web mail service like Yahoo or MSN to check their mail in a similar way. Now developed Pop mail counter for windows XP. This program talks directly to a POP mail server, counts your mail and places this information on your Windows XP welcome screen. Now currently running a public Beta.


WinXP SP2 in mid 2004

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Based on feedback from customers and partners Microsoft is committed to providing a 12 month roadmap of upcoming service packs and security rollup packages. The updated service pack roadmap chart details three key points:

Due to feedback and reviews of the feasibility and usability of the Windows Security Rollup Packages, Microsoft has decided that we will not be releasing any further updates for Windows NT Workstation and Windows NT Server 4.xx in the foreseeable future.

Windows XP (Professional and Home) Service Pack 2 will be released in mid-2004

The Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 release date has been moved from late-2003 to the first quarter of 2004.

UPDATE: Wininformant has more on this issue, it might be released earlier in Q1 2004:

In an interview with ComputerWorld, Microsoft group vice president Jim Allchin said that Windows XP SP2 was still on track for early 2004. However, the company is evaluating the schedule, making me wonder if all the pressure from users is finally settling in over in Redmond. "If we don't change our mind, [that date is correct]," he said. "There are many things that can help drive that. In particular, the consent decree helped drive when we did SP1 ... We could decide to accelerate the service pack. It's not some hard-and-fast thing. We have a team. ... I don't want to get it locked down to a particular path, because something may come up. Something came up in the last couple of weeks. It's got a lot of focus here right now." What should be a big focus, sadly, is changing the service pack schedule. Again, these release need to ship every six months like clockwork.

Microsoft Claim (more) domains

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Last week Microsoft called webmasters of Msnfan.com, Msnbase.nl, Msn6.nl, Msnnamen.nl, Msntools.com and MSNshit.nl with the request to stop using domain names with MSN in it. Some of the sites have already changed the domain, some sites have not been contacted yet Msnskins.nl, Msnskins.com and Msndating.nl (last week).

You might remember the same thing happening to this site when it ran under the name www.WindowsXP.nu which is now owned by Microsoft.


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SmartBarXP is a bar that runs down the side of your screen, and can be configured to display interactive panes, display shortcuts to common locations, or even replace your existing taskbar. A huge selection of panes are available to be added to the bar, which range from media Players and a running slideshow pane, to live news, weather and stock feeds, and much more. To add to the incredible flexibility of functionality, SmartBarXP can be fully customized in almost every aspect you could think of. Every pane has extensive options where needed, and can be customized to function and look just the way you want it to. The bar itself can also be customized, with several options for positioning, auto hiding, pane scrolling, fading and translucency effects, changing the language and regional setting, and more. You can also select the theme the bar takes on; it can match your current Windows XP theme, the Classic Windows theme, or even use a third party SmartBarXP theme.

Exchange 2000 September post sp3 roll-up patch

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This patch resolves problems that were found in the Exchange 2000 since SP3 was released. The September 2003 Exchange 2000 Server Post-Service Pack 3 Rollup supercedes the March 2003 Exchange 2000 Server Post-Service Pack 3 Rollup that was re-released on March 24, 2003. Earlier Rollup Patch released in March has build no. while the September roll up patch carries update requires Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Service Pack 3.The list of fixes that are contained in this rollup will be available shortly.Download: Exchange 2000 Post-SP3 Rollup Patch 6487.1View: More Info. about this downloadView: March 2003 Exchange 2000 Server Post-SP 3 Rollup

MS Windows Services for Netware 5.02 SP2

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Windows Services For Netware 5.02 Service Pack 2 (SP2) provides a cumulative roll up of updates and services that have been offered since the release of Windows Services For Netware 5.01 Service Pack 1.OverviewThe Windows Services For Netware 5.02 SP2 provides a cumulative roll up of updates and services that have been offered since the release of Windows Services For Netware 5.0. Windows Services For Netware SP2 offers substantial improvements to the Directory Synchronization and File Migration Utility since the initial release of the Microsoft Windows Services For Netware 5.0 software product.The Windows Services for Netware SP2 offers two updates for download: MSDSSSP2 and FPNWSP2.

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