SBS 2003 downloads

Posted by bink on September 20 2003, 6:14 PM. Posted in Small Business Server.

Backing Up and Restoring Windows Small Business Server 2003


Windows Small Business Server 2003 provides a reliable way to perform regular server backups for small companies. After a system failure or other disaster, you can restore your server from your latest backup. You can also restore individual files and e-mail messages, and files and list items from


Deploying Windows Server 2003 Terminal Server to Host User Desktops in a Windows Small Business Server 2003 Environment


By adding an additional server to your Microsoft® Windows® Small Business Server 2003 network, you can enable Terminal Server. Using Terminal Server, you can host your users' desktops. This can save your organization money by allowing you to extend the life of your desktop hardware.

Upgrade Requirement Messages for Windows Small Business Server 2003 Setup


This document provides a list of the common upgrade requirement messages that you might receive when running Windows Small Business Server 2003 Setup to upgrade a computer running Microsoft® Small Business Server 2000, Windows® 2000 Server, or Windows Server™ 2003.

Windows Small Business Server 2003 Getting Started Guide


Provides step-by-step instructions for installing Windows Small Business Server 2003.

Another Virus Masquerading as Microsoft E-Mail

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Virus Masquerading as Microsoft E-Mail -  A new mass-mailing virus is on the loose on the Internet, this one masquerading as a message from Microsoft Corp. about a cumulative security patch. Known as either Swen or Gibe, the virus arrives in an e-mail message with a subject line of "Microsoft Critical Patch" and an executable attachment.

See the email

[Reminder: Microsoft NEVER sends emails with attachments to general users.]

source: Eweek

MSA 2.0 released!

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Microsoft Systems Architecture (MSA) is enterprise-class architectural blueprints and implementation guidance that are tested and proven in the lab with hardware and software partners. The output of everything we do is documentation that is all freely available via the downloads on this page. The MSA v2.0 documentation set includes some introductory documents that explain what MSA is and how to use (a great place to start) as well as the Reference Architecture Kit and Implementation Kit. A breakdown of those pieces is as follows:
  • Introduction to Microsoft Systems Architecture
    • MSA – A Program Overview
    • How to Use MSA 2.0
  • Reference Architecture Kit
    • Architecture Blueprints
    • Service Blueprints
  • Implementation Kit
    • Planning Guide
    • Building Guide (includes Testing)
      • Deployment Kit
    • Operations Guide
For the sake of more manageable download sizes, the documentation has been split into 4 files for download:

MSA 2.0 IK - BuildOps.msi


17739 KB

MSA 2.0 IK - Planning.msi


12574 KB

MSA 2.0 Intro.msi


472 KB

MSA 2.0 RAK.msi


12004 KB

  • Systems Architecture: Enterprise Data Center
  • Microsoft Systems Architecture: Internet Data Center
  • Microsoft Systems Architecture 2.0
  • And another IE6 fix; IE6 sp2 in Q4 2003

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    Internet Explorer shuts down unexpectedly because of an access violation. This problem may occur if you have set Windows and buttons to Windows XP style. The Windows and buttons option is on the Appearance tab of the Windows XP Display Properties dialog box.

    Knowledge Base Article 822350

    Internet Explorer 6 SP1 Update: Internet Explorer May Shut Down If You Have Set Windows and Buttons to Windows XP Style

    Via emails I'm told IE6 sp2 is scheduled for Q4 2003

    SUS now deploys Service Packs too!

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    Since today Software Update Services can deploy ServicePacks too! WinXp sp1 and Win2k SP4 are now synced into the SUS updatestore.

    Think before approving this in your network, test if the SP completely works in your environment.

    The packs will be distributed using BITS (background Inteligent Tranfer Service) so it should not fill upi your LAN if all clients download it from the SUS server, though it might take some time before all clients have the pack.


    Welcome to Microsoft Software Update Services

    Microsoft Software Update Services (SUS) now provides Windows service packs (SPs), in addition to critical and security updates.SUS will deliver Windows XP SP1, Windows 2000 SP4, and all future service packs for Windows 2000, Windows XP, and the Windows Server™ 2003 family of products.

    Microsoft, where is IE6 sp2?

    Posted by bink on September 18 2003, 7:06 PM. Posted in Internet Explorer.

    3rd IE6 patch released this week, it's been over a year since IE6 sp1, I think it's time for IE6 SP2, deploying new Windows machines and getting them up to date is more and more a hassle.

    Internet Explorer 6 SP1 Update: Web Page Does Not Load Correctly When You Open a Page That Contains Gzip-Encoded Content


    When you browse the Web, you may notice that frames on some Web sites are not displayed correctly, and the HTML code may not be fully rendered.

    Outlook Express 6 SP1 Update: MAPIAddress and MAPIResolveName Do Not Return Names for Distribution Lists


    You can programmatically use the Simple MAPI calls MAPIAddress or MAPIResolveName to display the Outlook Address Book so that you can select recipients. When you do, if Outlook Express is set as your default e-mail client, and you select a distribution list as a recipient, user names may not appear.

    Internet Explorer 6 SP1 Update: Slow Performance When You Use Internet Explorer 6 SP1 to View MIME Type File Attachments


    When you use Internet Explorer 6.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1) to view a MIME type file attachment that is handled by a custom ActiveX control, it may take a long time to view the file, particularly if the file is very large.

    Voice Command Beta

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    Neowin reports Voice Command Beta invites have been sent out:

    Voice Command works with your PDA or phone so you can use your voice to control your device and receive information in a way that is easier, more convenient, and safer while you are on the go such as in the car or walking down the street carrying packages or even while sitting on a park bench.

    Win2k3 webservers winning from Linux

    Posted by bink on September 17 2003, 6:38 PM. Posted in Windows Server 2003.

    The number of Web sites powered by Microsoft's Windows Servers 2003 has more than doubled since July, according to Internet monitoring firm Netcraft.

    Much of this increase, 49 percent, is due to companies upgrading from earlier versions of Windows, said Netcraft, and 42 percent is attributable to new sites. But Server 2003, very much the new kid on the block -- it was released in April -- is also taking share from other OS's server  products.

    "I think the Linux community would be shocked that any site would switch from Linux to Windows Server 2003," said Netcraft director Mike Prettejohn. "But they are."

    Nokia partner signs deal with Microsoft

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    The Finland based video streaming developer, Oplayo has announced that they will develop a mobile phone video player using Microsoft Windows Media 9 Series. For the first time, video clips using Windows Media 9 Series will be able to be watched on the latest mass market phones.

    Oplayo's mass market mobile video player 'OplayerJV' and various automated encoding products will adopt Windows Media 9 Series and a number of new products will be released including; Oplayo/Windows 2003 Enterprise Server Plug-In, Oplayo Playlist Generator, Encoding Tools, Media Players for mass market handsets. Video content in Windows Media 9 Series will be able to be viewed on an estimated 50 million colour screen phones that will have been sold by the end of Q3 2003.

    "With Oplayo's ability to deliver streaming video and audio to millions of handsets, content owners can new reach new audiences with the high-quality of Windows Media 9 Series to provide consumers with a great media playback experience," said Jonathan Usher, director, Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft Corp.

    Nokia is an investor in Oplayo.

    Microsoft Co-founder's Project A No-Brainer

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    Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is betting his money - $100 million to start - on a map of the brain.Allen announced yesterday that he's establishing a research center that will attempt to unravel the mysteries of the brain by identifying the 30,000 genes involved in its development - thereby creating a brain atlas. The nonprofit Allen Institute for Brain Science will be in Seattle.In a news conference, Allen said the idea came from a conversation with James Watson, president of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Watson, who has been named a special adviser to the initiative, was out of town yesterday and unavailable to comment.In July 2001, Allen flew a dozen experts in genomics, neuroscience and psychology to Seattle to discuss how to use the expanding knowledge of the human genome to better understand the brain. Mapping the brain is expected to take about five years. Information will be made available to scientists throughout the world as it is amassed, beginning next year. "This project is magnificent and timely," said David Anderson, a brain scientist at California Institute of Technology who joined the scientific advisory board of the new institute. Anderson's work centers on mapping the brain circuitry involved with fear.The first brain maps were put forth by Dr. Wilder Penfield, a brain surgeon who in the 1940s applied electrical currents to the surface of patients' brains to help pinpoint epileptic seizures. His work expanded as patients reported the movements or sensations they experienced in response to the stimulation. Though modern tools have led to a better understanding of individual brain regions, the field is still in its infancy. Allen hopes that knowledge of the brain's molecular makeup will lead to progress in reversing or preventing abnormalities. Such an atlas also is expected to help lead to a deeper understanding of emotion, perception and cognition, scientists say. Dr. Thomas Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, which funds about a billion dollars a year in brain research, called the project "an ambitious effort that will have profound public health significance."The Human Genome Project provided us with the equivalent of the white pages of a telephone book. Now, this brain atlas will tell us who lives where in the brain."

    Last Warning: Patch!

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    Did you install the latest RPC patch? Don't wait for Blaster2 cause early “builds” of a worm are already out there!

    Don't wait, patch now, your home PC, the PC's and servers in your network, if you are not responsible for that and you know your PC is not patched, notify your IT department (again).

    Don't think a corporate firewall will stop it, an infected laptop might plug in your network.

    What Is It?

    Title: Buffer Overrun In RPCSS Service Could Allow Code Execution(824146)Date: September 10, 2003Software: Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0; Microsoft Windows NT Server(r) 4.0; Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition; Microsoft Windows 2000; Microsoft Windows XP; Microsoft Windows Server 2003Impact: Run code of attacker's choiceMaximum Severity Rating: CriticalBulletin: MS03-039The Microsoft Security Response Center has released Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-039 which concerns a vulnerability in the versions of Microsoft Windows listed above.Microsoft has released a tool that can be used to scan a network for the presence of systems which have not had the MS03-039 patch installed.More details on this tool are available in Microsoft Knowledge Basearticle 827363. This tool supersedes the one provided in MicrosoftKnowledge Base article 826369 which was developed to scan systems for the vulnerability patched by MS03-026.More information is now available at an effort to better communicate with our customers, Microsoft willalso be conducting a Webcast to provide guidance on Protecting Your PC and details of MS03-039.

    Windows NT4.0 Workstation | Server | Terminal Server EditionWindows 2000Windows XP  Windows XP 64-bit Edition  Windows XP 64-bit Edition, Version 2003 WindowsXP Embedded

    Windows Server 2003 | 64-bit EditionDetect tool: KB 824146 Scanner

    Microsoft Knowledge Base article (824146)

    Hackers distributing software

    MSN WeeMee

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    New WeeMee on MSN where you can build your very own personalised character and then download it as your MSN Messenger 6.0 display picture. then sign in with passport